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Broadcast featured by Fortune Radio on
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Steve featured in a 12 part series being aired through 2008 on syndicated Radio stations and podcasts






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Come share the latest case studies and practical advice for 8 Omega, CEM and everything that is Process Excellence.





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The 8 Omega methodology was co-created and developed by Steve Towers

The initial discoveries were featured in the book 'In Search of BPM Excellence' - you can get that here from Amazon.

The original press release from 2004 at launch is here.

We have a range of resources, templates and support available including consultancy and bespoke training to support your 8 Omega initiatives - drop us a line and see how we can help put your program on steroids.

8 Omega has now been evolved into the CEM Method, and more significantly the Advanced Process Management approach. If you want to know more please get in touch.

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