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BPM is a Technology?

  Taking Lean Outside-In more

  Gilead Systems Wins the Triple Crown more  
Business Week Top 50


Firstly BPM is not (just) a technology. It’s a management approach that includes strategy, people, processes and technology. As such its scope, to quote Andrew Spanyi, ‘stretches from the board room to the lunch room’.

The effective deployment of a BPM strategy transforms business, and in fact organisations like Virgin, South West, Capital One and Best Buy embrace a wide definition and will indeed deploy several technologies to help them achieve their objectives.

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As a senior executive you are almost certainly under severe pressure to accelerate the delivery of significant cost reductions within your IT and back office functions without compromising service quality severely.

Simply implementing cost containment strategies that hold IT and back office costs steady is no longer a sustainable approach if you are to survive the pressures of the Credit Crunch on your earnings. How has this difficult situation arisen and what can you do to respond successfully?
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“Not everything old is bad and antiquated and not everything new is shiny and good. The real secret to success is to combine the best of both.”
Rene Carayol,  Senior Executive & Former Board Member for Pepsi, Marks & Spencer, IPC Media & The Inland Revenue

The world's leading companies have come to realize that only when their customers are successful, will they be successful. In pursuit of their market leadership not only they need to spend time to look inside their business to know how things are getting done but also look outward to get deep understanding of their customers.

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Gilead Systems wins the Triple Crown – simultaneously improving revenues, reducing costs and enhancing service.

As Business Week puts it in the prelude to this years review of the top 50 performers in Standard and Poors 500 stock index “for many years pharmaceutical companies viewed the development of HIV treatments as a necessary – but unprofitable – public service. There was some logic to that view... But Gilead Systems had a different perspective"

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Advantages & Disadvantages of BPM - Vlerick Business School (Gent, Belgium) Research question in collaboration with the 18th Annual BP Group Survey 

Outside-In is a business imperative - new article 

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Process & Performance News from BP Group 

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Not everthing that counts can be counted (Einstein). What do you do that can't be counted? 

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Business Process Update - A question for all - New Coaches, HOT discussions and New training dates - Today's BPGroup LI membership count is 3,651 - 232 Active Discussions 

New Article in the series..Successful Customer Outcomes: Part 4 of 4: 

Our sister group regarding Enterprise Architecture has just passed 5,000 members in 12 months... cool. 

Process Excellence - report this week on the London events 

Australia calling :-) Sundowners underway - SYDNEY starts in two weeks. 

Enterprise Architects - calling you! 

What is your favorite quote about process? 

Successful Outcomes: Part 3 of 4: There are four distinctly Outside-In ways that you can rethink process and in doing so achieve Triple Crown benefits. 

The potential Collapse of Complex Process Models 

UK Process Excellence Award Finalists 2010 announced 

Successful Outcomes: Part 2 of 4: There are four distinctly Outside-In ways that you can rethink process and in doing so achieve Triple Crown benefits. 

Weekly Process news includes webinar TOMORROW, New Coaches, HOT discussions and New training dates... PLUS dedicated Groups for Certified Process Professionals - Pracitioner - Professional - Master 

Sundowners & Alumni's launched: BP Group members can now collaborate in the flesh with the 2010 programme underway to start 20 Sundowners and Alumni's by year end. 

South America is advancing rapidly and embracing Advanced BPM (CEM) so here's a couple of recent articles there (in Spanish).
The rest are written in English or Swedish :-D

Su empresa hace las cosas bien, pero… ¿son cosas que sirven?
Customer Expectation Management: la proliferación de metodologías de procesos de negocios ha vuelto a las empresas ultra eficientes. Pero el excesivo foco en sí mismas las ha alejado de su razón de ser, y repiten una y otra vez tareas que no conducen a la satisfacción del clien­te. El problema está en la forma en que se visualiza el conjunto de interacciones o "momentos de verdad"
(Link Here)

En la década del 70, términos como “calidad total” y el sistema TQM (Total Quiality Management) comenzaban a imponerse en la gestión no sólo de la industria, sino en áreas de servicios, educación y gobierno. Luego llegaron el Six Sigma, la metodología Lean y el BPI (Business Process Management). En el nuevo siglo, y de la mano de una competencia cada vez más ardua y global, el enfoque predominante es hacia la “satisfacción total del cliente” (Link Here)

Does Lean Six Sigma work anymore?
I thought I’d start this debate with a quote from Michael George, the originator of Lean Six Sigma for Services. If he doesn’t know this topic, then who possibly could?
In Michael’s recent book ‘Conquering Complexity in Your Business’ he writes "we often found that clients who restricted their efforts to improvement approaches such as Lean and/ or Six Sigma would hit a ceiling on profit generation, though process was significant, there was only so much they could accomplish through process improvement."

Now many of you .
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Where is the Customer in your BPM initiative?
The application of Business Process Management (BPM) is known to have multiple benefits that produce a hard return on investment (ROI). Automation, quality, compliance, management, and optimization of activities represented by business processes are the areas most often cited in this regard. . .. {..}

Accelerated Cost Reduction
As a senior executive you are almost certainly under severe pressure to accelerate the delivery of significant cost reductions within your IT and back office functions without compromising service quality severely. .. {..}

Why Six Sigma is Failing
This one pager reviews the latest stock performance of die hard Six Sigma companies and dismisses the belief that Six SIgma and Lean will help us out of the current global economic crisis.. {..}

Zen and the Art of Process Management
In PartOne of this three part article we reviewed the factors driving transformational change and how the old ‘inside-out’ approach to business is about as useful as a steam engine in getting to the moon. In Part two we’ll look at how some of the world leading trend setter companies are embracing the new outside-in challenge and creating new powerful business models driven by advanced forms of BPM such as the  Customer Expectation Management Method (CEMM). . {...} 

Business Process Transformation - Are You onboard
The world of business is undergoing dramatic change. Driven by a number of factors organizations are needing to realign themselves to adapt and evolve. This transformation is global and reaches into every business sector impacting how companies create, deliver and sustain their products and services. {...}

CEMM, Lean & Six Sigma

  • It’s a confusing world out there. At the last count there were over 6,000 improvement methodologies (Wikipedia) all geared to helping organizations get better at business. So at least there’s always been plenty of choice depending on your particular flavor of the month however one has to ask the question why so many and why do even the better ones fail to help our companies adapt and change?. {...}

    Emirates to optimize critical Moment of Truth

    By 2011, according to the International Air Traffic Association (IATA) there will be 4.75 billion airline passengers a year. In other words that’s the equivalent of 3 out of every 4 people on the planet taking a flight in one year, and everyone of those trips involves an average of 1.6 bags per person – that is 7.6 billion bags a year. {...}

    Gulf States Embrace Certified Process Professional training

    The Middle East has enthusiastically embraced the presence of BP Group partner on the ground, Dr. Fahad Altwaijry (contact him here) and there are several projects underway with consultancy and training around Advanced BPM and the Customer Expectation Management Method. {...}

    Business Transformation - Are you onboard?

    The world of business is undergoing dramatic change. Driven by a number of factors organizations are needing to realign themselves to adapt and evolve. This transformation is global and reaches into every business sector impacting how companies create, deliver and sustain their products and services. {...}

    Don't give the Customer what they think they want

    It is pretty much accepted wisdom these days that companies should be customer focused. It is however unfortunate that most companies go the wrong way about this by asking their customers what they want. Customers describe their requirements in terms of products and services which when the company builds and delivers them are not desired or bought. Henry Ford put it very well {...}

    The Evolution of Business Process Excellence

    A theme of recent global conferences has been the mix of different approaches to improving business performance. This quest for business performance improvement as measured by reducing costs, improving revenues and enhanced service (also known as ‘the triple crown’) is a worldwide phenomena brought on by increasing competition, greater customer promiscuity, chaotic business cycles and more  generally ‘globalization’. [...]

    The Causes of Work

    For Every Customer Interaction is a Moment of Truth (MOT). Whether it’s person to person, person to system, system to person, system to system or person to product they are all Causes of Work. [...]

    Lord Nelson and the Successful Outcome

    Horatio Nelson is one of the greatest heros in British history, an honor he earned by defeating Napoleon’s fleet in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. His victory at sea over the French fleet ultimately proved to be the start of the end of the Napoleon era, which finished with another famous battle at Waterloo in 1815.

    So what has Lord Nelson got to do with SCO’s? To answer that question we need to understand ... more

     Simply Magic

    The article last week 'The World of Magic' resulted in a series of questions around ‘what is the SCO?¨. Well as it is so often said it isn’t rocket science. In fact it has to be one of the simplest concepts available in business today – and yet so often missed. It is often so simple it is elegant, so let’s review what Disneys SCO might just be...

    Most of us have been there. A car full of screaming kids eager to start their Disney vacation however trouble is you’ve driven six hours

     The Customer is the Only boss - (Featured in Change Jobs (Requires Flash) - thanks to Anthony Madigan - page 18-19)

    There is only one boss - the customer [...]

    Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO's) and the world of magic

    For many of us talking and acting the SCO way has become second nature.That means if you are eating and breathing the alignment of your processes towards SCO’s then progressively the original focus begins to shift and in fact we refine and sharpen our ability both to meet and subsequently exceed customer expectations. That’s precisely what is happening in the magic kingdom [...]

    Put on Your Running Shoes - the launch of the Nipple?

    Achieving Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO’s) is not just an internal exercise. Powerful SCO’s may be created through partnerships with otherwise completely different industries. Look at your services and products through the customers eyes and powerful market winning solutions emerge. Such is the tie up between Nike and Apple recently. A combination of products - the Apple [...]

    Mastering the SCO Mindset - Part 2

    The second generation of "Mastering the SCO Mindset" share many things in common with those mentioned in our first article. They are all believers in their cause, they know how to communicate those beliefs in such a way as to inspire others and they are great leaders. The difference is that the second generation did [...]

    How low flying airlines can reach a new service altitude

    Reach a New Service Altitude In recent times I have talked about Successful Customer Outcomes (SCOs), those things that we should seek out on behalf of our customers to ensure we deliver and exceed their expectations. If we align our organizations to SCOs (rather than industrial age silos) we become slicker, more agile, and indeed more [...]

    Mastering the SCO Mindset

    Our earlier articles around Successful Customer Outcomes and Next Practice talked about the importance of understanding what customers want, aligning the organization to these objectives, and delivering consistently. Here we want to concentrate on another element, one that is at least as important because it is one of the key enablers for making the changes [...]

    Three Steps to Heaven

    Successful Customer Outcomes - Three Steps to Heaven? Take the Lift Just the other day I was standing in the lobby of a hotel waiting for the elavator to arrive. I had plenty of thinking time while I waited, and I was reminded of a great recent example of customer-focused innovation. I don't know whether your [...]

    New Answers to Old Questions

    In the first article in this mini-series I talked about how the most successful organizations of the moment are using new thinking to take the lead in their industries. In this second article I want to look at how other organizations can start to make the changes they need to keep up. One of the key [...]

    Successful Customer Outcomes - New Thinking for a New Age

    Two items of business news have caught my eye recently: Tesco's latest results, cementing their place as the number one online retailer in the world and number one food retailer in the UK; and the start of the latest Stelios venture, easyCruise. Now there may not seem to be much to connect these two stories [...]

    Delivering Customer Service to reduce costs, improve revenue and enhance Service

    "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else". Sam Walton, founder Walmart. And never has there been a time when this is more true. Competition, globalization, conformance, complexity are all things forcing us to look at how work [...]

    Customer Age thinking - the changing face of Public Service

    In many countries, the phrase public service is considered something of an anachronism. At all levels of government and government led services, customers perceive that overall they get a raw deal when compared to the levels of service they now regularly expect from privately held organizations. In this article we will explore how Customer Age [...]

    A very old question, a very new Answer

    At a recent senior executive seminar we were discussing the theme of Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO) and one question which cut to the quick deserves more after thought. Picture a dark, dingy Victorian meeting room in central London, the sleet slapping against the windows and it is late on a winter's afternoon. The bright spot? [...]


    And here are some published articles from the last century

    Management Fads
    Some dumb stuff from Harvard? Never.

    Silicon Valley Management Style
    A review of amongst other things HP's approach

    The Process Management Office
    Co-ordinating those big hairy projects?


A sample of Testimonials regarding our approach

"Simple and different concepts which is path breaking and easy to understand and deploy"
Director Business Consulting, Chennai

"Excellent - he is a very good leader"
Senior Quality Analyst, AEC, Saudi Arabia

"I really enjoyed the course last week and really learned alot. I feel I had a Eureka moment yesterday when the whole process diagnostics suddenly clicked into place. I remember you saying that once you grasp this then you will never look at processes in any other way. I am now actively evangalizing the CEM approach with our team.
Senior Analyst, Investment Bank, London

"Speakers are rated out of 10 for content and presentation style. I am happy to let you know that you scored a 9.5 (the best marks at the event) and the additional comments “very good” and “excellent chairman."
Marcus Evans, Business Process Reengineering and Management for Telecoms, Geneva

"Having had a chance to read through all of the delegate feedback forms in full it has become apparent that your workshops in particular were amongst the most well regarded, so thank you once more."
VP EMEA GDS International

"I took BPM training back in December, and Steve Towers was the instructor. The training was simply fantastic, because Steve has that rare ability to connect with his trainees.  Not only did I walk away from the training with a new perspective on Business Process Management, but I walked away with an invaluable analysis tool."
Senior Systems Analyst

"We have collated the scores from the event and you and Terry came out as the most highly regarded."
Conference Producer, IIR International
(see the scores here)

“You are the tops! Everyone in the field should be exposed to the techniques experienced in this course.”
Director - Process Management

Global Firsts
Steve Towers, our Founder, has achieved a number of global firsts including

invented the phrase Business Process Management (BPM) during a series of workshops and lectures in 1993/94
(source: An Executives Guide to Business Process Reengineering)

Established the world's first global BPM community in 1992-3
(www.bpmg.org) which now has over 25,000 members

Created, launched and delivered the world's first BPM Training course in 1996
Review the scene back then courtesy of Utilisense and the Re-engineer magazine

Steve Towers co-created the world's first Advanced BPM Method - 8 Omega in 2004 -

Steve Towers & Peter Fingar co-authored 'In Search of BPM Excellence' (2005) bringing together the leading writers and thinkers with the current understanding of BPM

Steve Towers researched and encapsulated Advanced BPM and cowrote a book of the findings in 2006 'Customer Expectation Management - Success without Exception'

The subsequent output 'Customer Expectation Management Method (CEMM)' is the means by which several of the world's leading companies achieve their success.

Received the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at Gartners San Diego Conference in February 2007.

Steve Towers is active in advancing the cause through social and business networks, and sits as an executive advisor on several companies and organizations. He is also continuing the growth of the 'not for profit' BP Group with the objective of sharing and exchanging next practice around Advanced BPM approaches and methods.

Steve Towers frequently chairs and keynotes the major conferences on the theme of Business Process and Performance Improvement. You can see the recent ones

Or view the upcoming

Experts in Process





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