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Our Clients Have achieved extraordinary success and we are proud to have contributed.
Review interviews from our recent work with global leaders and our Associate networks
and then review the impact on the performance and people in the companies below

AndyHomer TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Andy Homer (CEO - Towergate) , one of the UK’s most innovative thinkers in Financial Services, on how he has helped reinvent the Insurance business for the benefits of clients, insurers and shareholders.  
PhillipRowley TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Philip Rowley (Chairman – AOL Europe) on how he succeeded in taking AOL Europe from losing over $600 million per annum to profitability within 3 years.  
MartinToogood TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Martin Toogood, one of Europe’s leading CEOs in growing consumer facing businesses, on the challenges of creating compelling propositions to excite customers across Europe.  


  •'ve fundamentally changed the way I think about every process.  
    And inspired me to try Outside-In (OI) in all walks of life.
    The first two levels should be included in educational curriculums (yes, even at the junior levels).
    If everyone started applying OI, the world would be... where it should be.
    Mahesh Mirchandani, CEO at BhumiTech

  • If you are looking to improve your own professional skills in business process management and business process improvement, then I would recommend the Advanced Business Process Methods and Techniques of the Business Process Professional programme by BP Group.
    Stephen Nicholson, CPP Master, BPM Systems (see blog)

  • Thanks for what were excellent sessions last week.
    I still find it incredible that in this conventional information and process rich world we live in that we can look at what we do in a slightly different but totally logical way and the picture changes dramatically.
    Charles Bennett, Managing Partner & Project Director at IBS Publishing

  • Thanks to you for a fantastic course …  I am an Outside-In fan now !
    Jimmy Cuadra, Director Information Management, Akzo Nobel Paints, SIngapore

  • I was struck with awe on the versatile yet practical experience that you shared. Thanks for the wonderful session on CPP this week
    Syed Raashid, Specialist, RasGas Co Ltd. UAE

  • Thanks again for the fantastic course and insights you provided.
    Sean Schurmann, Business Process Architect, Queensland Building Services Authority, Australia.

  • I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book!
    It really helped tie together various concepts and practices I have been evolving towards over a number of years, crystallizing them into a simple but powerful framework.
    Steve Melville, Director, Oracle, USA.

  • Just a short note to say thanks again for the course. It was a truly mind blowing experience and I will never think about process the same way again.
    Craig Reid, Senior Business Analyst, Gen-I

  • "I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience for me to know the nuances of ABPM. Taking us to a new level on how to view processes & implement by way of sharing your wealth of experience and enlightning us with the case studies & exercises."
    Director Quality Management Group, 3i Infotech Ltd., India
  • “Steve led the best training sessions I have ever taken in my 20+ years as a professional. After those sessions I was able to have immediate impact on my organization. Steve is a very sharp, personable, interesting individual, and a real pleasure to work with. I continue to remain in regular contact with Steve and consider him an invaluable resource on BPM and on change management in general.”
    Mark Barnett , SVP, Process Design Manager, Bank of America

  • “Steve is an inspiring global thought leader in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. He is a creative visionary, working on the edge of breakthrough business change."
    Kenneth Mortimer , Principal , MBA & Associates Ltd

  • Feedback from Business Process Excellence conference,
    Amsterdam June 2008 - Lucy Morgan, Operations Manager, IQPC
    “Positive all round. Here are just a few of the very positive comments following your chair and keynote”

    > Very good introduction of the new trends and development in BPM > Very good. Insightful and useful.
    > Compelling!
    > Inspirational!!

  • "Exceptional and life transforming. This training should be on every corporate agenda"
    CIO Pharmaceutical, Florida

  • “Steve’s is highly gifted in his ability convert BPM visions into reality. His communications knowledge and interpersonal skills help him gain strong support from others. His drive and commitment at has transformed that organization into the leading global BPM enterprise. I see Steve as an invaluable asset in any BPM venture.”

  • "Simple and different concepts which is path breaking and easy to understand and deploy"
    Director Business Consulting, Chennai

  • "Excellent - he is a very good leader"
    Senior Quality Analyst, AEC, Saudi Arabia

  • "I want to thank you for the great content and coaching that you provided, the concepts resonated even more clearly when presented with your enthusiasm and experience."
    Director, H&R Block, USA

  • “Steve is one of the most tireless leaders in the field of business process management. While there are lots of technical folks and and vested interests in the field, Steve's leadership rises above the crowd. As co-founder of the not-for-profit Business Process Management Group, Steve has traveled the world spreading the BPM message to business leaders and front-line workers, alike.”
    Peter Fingar, Global Thought Leader

  • “Steve is a true guru and mentor in the field of Business Process Management. What I've learnt from Steve and The Bennu Group in a short space of time has greatly benefited my understanding of advanced process management. Always accessible for advice, always campaigning to change how organisations view how they operate, Steve is a real asset to the BPM community and long may it continue.”
    Theo Priestley , Head of Business Process Management , 2i Limited

  • "I really enjoyed last week and really learned alot. I feel I had a Eureka moment yesterday when the whole process diagnostics suddenly clicked into place. I remember you saying that once you grasp this then you will never look at processes in any other way. I am now actively evangalizing the CEM approach with our team.
    Senior Analyst, Investment Bank, London

  • "Speakers are rated out of 10 for content and presentation style. I am happy to let you know that you scored a 9.5 (the best marks at the event) and the additional comments “very good” and “excellent chairman."
    Marcus Evans, BPR and Management for Telecoms, Geneva

  • "Having had a chance to read through all of the delegate feedback forms in full it has become apparent that your workshops in particular were amongst the most well regarded, so thank you once more."
    VP EMEA GDS International

  • "I took BPM training back in December, and Steve Towers was the instructor. The training was simply fantastic, because Steve has that rare ability to connect with his trainees.  Not only did I walk away from the training with a new perspective on Business Process Management, but I walked away with an invaluable analysis tool."
    Senior Systems Analyst, Barclays Bank

  • "We have collated the scores from the event and you and Terry came out as the most highly regarded."
    Conference Producer, IIR International
    (see the scores here)

  • “You are the tops! Everyone in the field should be exposed to the techniques experienced in this course.”
    Director - Process Management

Global Firsts
Steve Towers, our Founder, has achieved a number of global firsts including:


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